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For over150 years the Thomas Strahan Company has been creating wallpapers of beauty and distinction. Step back in time as you browse a sampling of historic designs from our archive. Many of these patterns can be purchased as a custom order upon request. All designs are copyright Thomas Strahan/Waterhouse Wallhangings and may not be reproduced.
TS 14018 Exotic Chintz.jpg
TS2372 The Vita IG.jpg
TS2372 The Vita
TS14018 Exotic Chintz
Historic Floral.jpg
Poetic Floral
TS 14017 Tree of Life color adj.jpg
TS14017 Tree of Life
TS8262 L'Avril.jpg
TS8262 L'Avril
The Lane TS8102.jpg
TS8102 The Lane
Block design Nancy McClelland IG.jpg
TS7459 Appleton
1960's Floral
TS6408 Riverside (from CH).jpg
TS6408 Riverside
TS14019 Lotus & Lily
Aestheic Blossoms
Wilderness Scenic, color adj.jpg
Wilderness Scenic
TS 5595 02 24 21_edited.jpg
TS5595 The Champlain
Queen Anne's Lace.jpg
Queen Anne's Lace
The Hampton
TS8447 Deborah
Old Ironsides
Mod Leaves
Mid-Century Floral
The Stanwood Mansfield
TS8656 Summer Meadow
Kashan Paisley
Strawberry Bank Stripe.jpg
Strawberry Banke Stripe
Blue Leaves
Arts & Crafts
Early Floral
The Cervera
TS 1089 The Perdita.jpg
The Perdita
TS 8656 Summer Meadow.jpg
Back Kitchen.jpg
Back Kitchen
19th Century Floral
Thomas Strahan document.jpg
TS8169 Folk Art
TS8447 Deborah
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