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A portfolio of historic designs authentically reproduced for house museums and private homes.
TS1183 Denison Floral UNCOATED 12_16_21.jpg
TS1183 Denison Floral
TS 14018 Exotic Chintz.jpg
TS14018 Exotic Chintz
TS2197 The St. Esprit
TS 14017 Tree of Life color adj.jpg
TS14017 Tree of Life
TS6360 Litchfield for web.jpg
TS6360 Litchfield
Dickinson Set (Apple TV)
TS6484 Dickinson Branch Floral, Ivory.jpg
TS6484 Dickinson Branch
Dickinson Set (Apple TV)
WH128-705 Dandelion Aqua.jpg
WH128-705 Dandelion
Longyear Museum, Amesbury House
TS 7431-01 Fougere, Green on White.jpg
TS743 Fougere
TS 8682 The Moeller.jpg
TS 8682 The Moeller
The Stone House Museum

TS8533 Rose Buds .jpg
TS 8533 Rose Buds
TS 8722 Abel Stetson 04_05_21.jpg
TS 8722 Abel Stetson
Bissell House-web.jpg
WH134 Bissell House
Barton Farmhouse
TS 8220-01 Brookfield.jpg
TS 8220 Brookfield
Private Client
TS 14019 Lotus & Lily.jpg
TS14019 Lotus & Lily
Rainbow Deerfield Amesbury House.jpg
Rainbow Field
Longyear Museum, Amesbury House
TS7459-09, Appleton, Olive.jpg
TS7459 Appleton
Historic Sandusky for web.jpg
Historic Sandusky
WH 260 503 Tassel custom colorB Dickinson.jpg
WH260-503 Tassel
Dickinson Set (Apple TV)
WH251 800 Imperial Pagoda, Blue Willow for web.jpg
WH 250-800 Imperial Pagoda, Blue Willow
Private Client
TS14010- English Ivy.jpg
TS 14010 English Ivy
Private Client
TS5481 The Cervera for web.jpg
TS 5481 Cervera
Whistler orig color for web.jpg
TS 7424 Whistler
Private Client
Old Whistler.jpg
TS 7424 Whistler
Private Client
TS 5760-02 Readfield, Beige.jpg
TS 5760 Readfield
Moses Eaton WH173506.jpg
WH173-506 Moses Eaton
Private Client
TS 14011 Strawberry Patch 03_04_21 .jpg
TS 14011 Strawberry Patch
Private Client
HSV Dogwood Stripe for web.jpg
Dogwood Stripe
Hancock Shaker Village
TS 7424 Whistler
Private Client
TS 8438-03 Ashford, Gray.jpg
TS 8438 Ashford
TS7594 Frontenac
Longyear Museum, Amesbury House
 HSV Red Daisy for web.jpg
Hancock Shaker Village
HSB Bouquet Stripe and Border for web.jpg
Bouquet Stripe
Hancock Shaker Village
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